D70 + SB600 and inbuilt speedlight

This time result from my D70+ SB600/inbulit speedlights. Becuase this test can be helpful also for english speaking people I’ve written one in english. I’ve made test photos using inbuilt and SB600 flashlight and my observation is that almost in all picture underexposure occur, I have to compensate flash output by +1.
Below three pictures (very good example) made using with inbuilt/SB600 flash. Picture I’ve made using inbuilt flash (without compensation)+ matrix metering InBuilt_BezKorekt.jpg

Picture I’ve made using external flash (SB600) without compensation. TTL/BL + matrix metering. Bounce the light off the ceiling was used.

Picture I’ve made using external flash (SB600) with +1 flash compensation . TTL/BL + matrix metering. Bounce the light off the ceiling was used.

>From my point of view last setting (exposure +1) gave the best result. Also histogram looks quite good for last picture for picture without compensation histogram is shift to left to much.
I’ve made few additional shoots and I can say that optimal compensation value is +0.7.

Do you notice this underexposure when you make picture using yours D70 ?

P.S After long discussion on dpreview forum it appeared that reason for underexposure can be usage of BL/TTL mode. For such scene that I’ve taken photos TTL mode should be used instead BL/TTL. To be honest I had no time to repeat test but if I do this I will publish once again results.


  1. rdxfred pisze:

    I have the same problem with my D70+SB600 or internal flash.
    this issue is realy annoying and both D70 AND SB600 are at Nikon for service.
    I can’t spend all my time retouching pictures they have to fix this !!!!
    best regards

  2. Duke Miller pisze:

    Many thanks for taking the time to do this for us. Possibly you should be a teacher!

  3. Peter Aczel pisze:

    Actually I prefere the second shot 🙂

  4. FreeStoring pisze:

    good project 🙂
    senks 🙂